Best Eats In Cabarete

Below is a selection of our favorite restaurants and cafes in and around Kite Beach.

Mesa Taina / Point Break Bar & Restaurant 

Our very own onsite restaurant has an impressive range of dining options, from Sushi to Mexican, Italian to Dominican. You could come here for a week & still feel lost in the menu! Directly on the beach and cosily sheltered from the wind, La Mesa Taina is also a perfect place to enjoy a post-kiting cocktail – they’ll pretty much make anything you ask for.  Be sure to check what their happy hour cocktails are.

Location here. 0 min walk from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Ali’s Surf Camp

ali 2

The consistent favorite of pretty much all of our guests – not just because of the yummy choices, but also the magically tropical location directly on Cabarete’s lagoon. The first thing to try here is the churrasco – a huge piece of beef beaten into a thin, juicy steak. The sides offered are fried potatoes (papa salteadas), boiled vegetables (vegetales), fries (papas fritas) or rice (arroz).  If you’re not feeling the churrasco, the BBQ ribs, garlic shrimps, Thai curry, fried fish, calamaris & baby lobsters (lagostinos) are all flawless alternatives.  They also make some killer cocktails so be sure to give them a try – the Caipirinha is my favorite. Don’t forget your bug repellent – mosquitoes can be a nuisance here.

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles

Our favourite breakfast location – coffee to die for and a delectable selection of waffles and smoothie bowls.  Despite being directly on the main road, Vagamundo has creatively calved out a tranquil corner for itself. Both inside and outside seating, tables & cosy sofas, this social-enterprise has something to make everyone comfortable. High speed wifi and soft background folk tunes make this a perfect place to get some work done also.

Location here. 2 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Comedor Maria & Miguel

Just across the street from Kite Club, there is a small hut offering scrumptious local cuisine. It’s delicious, fresh and incredibly cheap.  For around $3 you can fill your plate with the buffet options available.  Chicken and pork stews, boiled vegetables, flavored rice, yucca and fried plantain all feature regularly.  Avoid dinner time and only visit between 12-2 to catch the food while it’s fresh.  If you’re happy, offer a tip!

Location here.  2 min walk from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Gorditos Fresh Mex

Gorditos 1

Fast, fresh, tasty, cheap – Gorditos Fresh Mex is a must try while you are here.  Fish tacos, burritos, bean bowls all topped with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, fish or roasted veggies.  Incredibly friendly owners and warm staff make this place a pleasure to eat at.

Location here. 3 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Wilson’s La Boca Restaurant

This isn’t just a restaurant, but an entire Dominican experience. You’ll need to drive/take a taxi to the mouth of the river directly across from the restaurant’s location (you can not drive directly there).  Once you park up, you can wave across the river to the restaurant and they will send a free boat to shuttle you across. On windy days, you may find yourself surrounded by freestyle kite-surfers as this is a popular spot to practice tricks. Once there, you will likely be greeted by the wonderful Wilson or one of his family.  I recommend starting with their pineapple-housed piña colada – DELISH! Food options include crab, fried fish, shrimp, lagostino, lobster & chicken. Sides include fried plantain, rice and salad.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Wilson can arrange a wildlife boat tour up the river for you – this includes a visit to a “zoo” at the top of the river.  If zoos aren’t your thing, you can opt just for the boat tour. A highly recommended day out!

Location here.  15 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos


Spanish tapas with a twist – eggplant assortments, spicy chicken wings, juicy ribs, melt-in-your-mouth croquettes, mini burgers, bacon wrapped green beans… the list goes on. Make sure you leave enough room for dessert – heavenly chunks of churros accompanied with homemade ice-cream and caramel sauce.  Flavorsome food & beautiful presentation – make this a must visit!

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Pizza & Spaghetti House

As we say in England, this place does exactly as it says on the tin. If you’re feeling like pizza or spaghetti – this Italian owned joint is our first choice.  Genuine pizza oven, homemade pasta, fresh and authentic ingredients – you will not be disappointed. Don’t miss the Caprese salad starter – this is the only place in town with buffalo mozzarella this creamy!

Location here5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

La Casita de Papi

This is one of just 2 restaurants I can recommend on Cabarete main beach – so if you’re keen to eat directly on Cabarete beach, this is your chance.  A charming french restaurant famous for it’s luscious shrimp, lobster and langostinos.  The desserts are enticing so be sure to leave some room to the end.

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Mojito Bar

The second of my Cabarete beach recommendations is the bustling & reliable Mojito Bar. If you’re looking for a tempting list of smoothies & a tasty ciabatta sandwich with endless filling options – here is the place to go.  The ideal locale for a chilled lunch watching the beginner wind surfers practice their skills.  Happy hour and live music are also great here – grab your 2-for-1 drinks, enjoy the tunes & admire the sunset.

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Taberna el Conde 

Being British – this is the ONLY place I can go to sample authentic flavors from home.  El Conde is a restaurant and bar serving Caribbean inspired food and craft cocktails. However, as an extra, it also offers a range of expat-friendly delights from chicken pot pies and Sunday roasts to spicy shrimp curries and Mexican tacos.  Excellent prices and generous portions, you will leave here content.  If you’re in Sosua, this should be your first choice. Very busy at peak times, so expect to chill at the bar sipping a tasty cocktail or glass of wine for a little while before hand.

Location here. 15 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Natura Cabana

Even though the food is fresh, healthy & delightful, my main motivation for going here is the stunning location.  I usually enjoy a delicious breakfast granola & fruit bowl here and then go for a walk across the striking rock pools to the east side of the beach. You can walk for about 10 mins over crystal clear water and brightly colored rocks, after this the walk opens up into a stunning wild and isolated beach.  This is only safe to do if the sea is calm. Swimming here when wavy is also risky due to rip tides.

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

The Bayerischer Hof

Here you will find the best beef fillet in town and perhaps the most carb-packed post-kite-appropriate food.  More commonly known as “that German place near Gorditos”, the Bayerischer Hof is in fact ran by a Swiss chef.  In addition to the mushroom or garlic topped beef fillet, the Cordon Blu, Schnitzel & German sausages are all must tries. The accompanying sides are equally tasty: garlic potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, fries… or if you’re feeling particularly Swiss you can sample the Spätzle.  The random Italian options are also delicious – the Bolognese being my favourite.  Weiss beer (wheat beer) is on offer here – an acquired taste but worth a try!

Location here. 3 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

Chino Chinese

Perhaps not the healthiest choice in town, but if you’re looking for ultra-cheap and tasty Chinese food, this is where to go.  If you can get over the noise from the passing loony motorbikes, this really is a fast and easy place to get stuffed on a budget!

Location here. 5 drive from SWISS KITE Beach Condos

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